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Henceforth, all references will refer to the primary server as the "Virtualmin server" and the If you don't have Virtualmin installed on your slave server(s), you'll need to install Webmin.Webmin is available for nearly every UNIX and Linux variant available, and is free to download and use. It is available in .rpm, .deb, Solaris .pkg, .zip, and gz formats.Be sure to choose the appropriate package type for your slave server.

However, on some systems this IP is, which will not work.

To make sure the correct IP is used, do the following on the master system : Now Virtualmin will automatically include your slave server in the NS records for each new domain.

You need to set up another name server for robustness.

But, on most systems it is very easy, and requires only one or two commands.

For example, installing BIND on Cent OS, RHEL, and Fedora systems can be done with the following command: On some systems, BIND will not have the necessary minimal configuration to start up immediately after installation.

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