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The little one was damn near as cute and having similar proportions, but she couldnt have been over five foot tall. They both wore tight fitting jeans and both looked really sexy at least if you have my tastes.

The little one wore a strange kind of top with an elastic edge that covered her tiny boobs.

She kept pulling it up or just fiddling with it in general.

The tall one wore a black t-shirt that revealed no visible sign of breasts.

While waiting for the light to change to a green arrow; out of the corner of my eye I noticed long hair fluttering in the breeze.

I turned my head to see a very tall girl and her much smaller companion.

I saw Carl walking toward me and together we walked into the Starbucks.

Now it was getting interesting because thats where the girls had gone, and we were in line right behind them.

We chatted some more and I also learned that they were both in eighth grade just in eighth grade as the fall semester had just started.

This story is consensual in nature and contains a fantasy of explicit detailed sexual content between minors and adults. If this type of reading material offends you you do not want to read this story.

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We had a frontal view of them as they stood there waiting for their drinks, and after looking them over carefully he said, Youre wrong. They are not sisters but their coloring and features are similar.

The tall one is at least fourteen, maybe older, and the little one is probably eleven. I bet him that they were both in the same class in school and just best friends. I bet him five dollars that I wasnt, and he took it.

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