Magellan roadmate 760 updating maps

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The RM700 has a 10GB micro disk drive which has been preloaded with road maps for ALL of the USA and the southern most (high population) areas of Canada.Road Mate 700 is portable and ready to use when you take it out of the box.

The RM unit automatically turns ON and OFF with the power application from its external power cord.

The user controls are to the right of the screen - Enter, Cancel, Locate, View, Option surround an 8-way thumb pad, with /- zoom buttons.

There is also a (currently unused) IR port between the " " and "-" keys and a light sensor between the "Locate" and "-" keys that is used when you set the automatic brightness option.

It works, but any of the forthcoming mounting options would seem to be better choices.

The Road Mates are configured more like an "installed" unit -and not for the "GPS Enthusiast", since it has no way to record and download or upload waypoints recorded by other Magellan units.

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