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That sense of impending temporality -- ash burning away at thin paper -- is figuratively mirrored by the grenade placed inside an electronics manufacturer plant by an alienated young man, Matthew Slaughter (ah, pun), in the film’s climax.

He was not embarrassed to exude a theater of ideas, in which characters babble lines from Dostoyevsky without flinching or sounding entirely ironic.In a rush of thought that bulged at two paragraphs, I compared and contrasted Tarantino and Hartley as two mavericks.Tarantino borrowed scenes from Hong Kong cinema and rehashed endless crime film tough guy clichés, but he also unleashed a rather acute dissection of undercover cop psychology that resembled classic films like Serpico.They struggle as every bit as Raymond Carver characters with the fleeting and telltale signs of delayed hope, interpersonal callousness, kindled dispiritedness, accented ambition, succinct self-denial, and natural intelligence.Like Chopin, Hartley explores feminism from below –in kitchens, convenience stores, and bedrooms.

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