South park s12e06 online dating dating your co workers

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doesn't show any sign of getting "lame", as Cartman might say.

Well, season 21 could do with a few changes, but otherwise, we still love it.

fad, especially when everyone apart from them joins in spontaneous singalongs.Despite all this, it's a strangely fun Christmassy episode. The South Park Cows are on an unwanted winning streak in Little League Baseball, basically because they are the only team in the entire nation who suck the most at throwing a game.The boys try anything to lose a game so that they don't have to play any more boring baseball, but are eventually saved by Randy, who gets drunk and fights rival dads at every game, ultimately disqualifying the team. "Part two of the 'Meteor Shower Trilogy', the episode follows Stan as he is stuck hanging with three 'Melvins' from school while his parents attend Mr Mackay's party.After Stan and Cartman accidentally cause the town of Beaverton to flood, everyone starts panicking that global warming is going to kill them all.This leads to Randy going into super-overreaction mode in trying to rescue his son, and Stan seemingly getting away with causing the flood after everyone thinks he's created a metaphor to stop the town trying to find blame. ", the Marshes travel to "Californee way" in search of some internet, with Randy desperate to look at some porn.

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