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The Triangle Shirtwaist Company was located at 23 Wash-ington Place in lower Manhattan. One group of workers grabbed the standpipe hoseline and attempted to extinguish the fire.

The work force was primarily made up of young, female immigrants, who labored under classic "sweatshop" conditions. They quickly found that the hose was rotted and the valves frozen shut.

Experts agree that it was well-built, but they also point out that many important fire protection features were missing or inoperable at the time of the fire.

These include: The investigation that followed led to a variety of fire safety improvements, all of which addressed the problems listed above.

Suddenly, a woman cried out and the audience made a mad dash for the exits.

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The Iroquois Theater was built of fire-resistive materials.

This may also be the earliest recorded uttering of the phrase, "How long has this thing been going on? When the slaves who were serving as the firefighting force became unruly, the response was to form the equivalent of what we now term a fire department. The pages of history are strewn with stories of great cities that were destroyed by fire: Something important happened after each of the fires listed laid waste to a city: improvements ensued.

The purpose of this article is to show that progress in the American Fire Service has been based upon a series of historic catastrophes.

In fact, many cities still provide a uniformed firefighter or group of firefighters for major entertainment events.

The fire service has long viewed old-style factory buildings as a serious fire hazard.

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